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Casting A Shadow

Lady Liberty with her shadow in the sky.  20161027_200945




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North Carolina Mountains

This gallery contains 19 photos.

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Roanoke Island

Every summer the Roanoke Island Historical Society presents, the outdoor symphonic drama, The Lost Colony.  In 2013, this production was the recipient of the Tony Honor of Excellence in Theater award.  The performance was magnificent.  Brilliant staging and elaborate costuming.

We got up close and personal with many of the actors and toured backstage.  I was especially impressed with the seamstresses that keep the costumes in tact and looking authentic.

While in the area, we visited the aquarium, too.  This aquarium is also a turtle rescue and rehabilitation location.  You can visit the rehabilitation center and see some of the recuperating turtles.  Once well enough, they are released back to the sea.

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Babysitting @Virginia Beach

My daughter invited me to travel with her and my two granddaughters.  I knew as soon as I got the invitation what the reason for her graciousness was.  This was actually a business trip for her, so she needed something for her children to do while she was in workshops and meetings.  But this was an opportunity to be with my beautiful granddaughters.  I jumped at the chance.  Do you still call it babysitting when the children are 13 and 10?

We had a great time.  My daughter joined us for some of the fun, but she constantly reminded us we were not on vacation.  Once we returned home and showed some of the pictures to her husband, I understood.  His first comment was, “Looks like a vacation to me!”  LOL

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Outer Banks of North Carolina

Got up this morning and decided to take a ride.  So, I called a friend, and we rode to the outer banks.  I was already in North Carolina near the capital. It would only be a little more than a three hour drive.  It was a beautiful day, and there was nothing on my agenda.


Crossing the Virginia Dare Bridge


Entering Nags Head

It was an easy and scenic drive.










Stopped at Kitty Hawk to take a closer look at the lighthouse. 20160302_153942 20160302_154309_HDR








We ate in Avon.  Most restaurants were closed as this is the off season.  So, we eat like the locals.  Oceana’s Bistro was a great place.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the food, but it was terrific and the people very friendly.  20160302_161514


We spend a little quiet time at the beaches along Hwy 12.

20160302_172102 20160302_172123 20160302_172258








As the sun began to set, we left the beaches and head back to the Piedmont.  The roads were lonely and quiet.  A light breeze blew sand from the dunes across the road.  At times it was so beautiful that it all looked artificial.  20160302_174811_HDR 20160302_174952 20160302_175215 20160302_175633_HDR

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Psychedelic Swamps

I was in Tallahassee, Florida last week and noticed a swamp as I drove down highway 90 on my way to Georgia. I had never noticed this swamp before, although I’ve driven this back road route to Georgia many times. But on this particular winter morning, sunny, with a temperature in the low 60’s, the swamp caught my peripheral eye and made me slow my speed.

I couldn’t stop to take a photograph, and if I had, it probably wouldn’t have turned out as nice as this one by Michael Hussey.

Psychedelic SwampThis rainbow effect happens as the sun shines down on waters filled with decaying leaves. The decomposing leaves release tannic acid, which is found in many plants. This happens every year. Some call these psychedelic swamps.

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