What Can I Do for the People of India?

I’ve made a list of all the items I want to make sure I take with me on my trip to India.  Clothing for each day has been selected and includes casual, business, and dressy to correspond to each days planned activities.  Other items on my list are: poncho, phone with translation app, tablet for posting to this blog, camera, electrical adapter, earplugs, thank you cards, mosquito repellent, and hand-held, battery operated fan.  Image

Then there are the things I might not be able to find in India when I need them, like my brand of pain reliever and a few of my favorite snacks (York Peppermint Patties and Spanish peanuts).

But all of those things are for me.  I need help deciding what to do for the people of India.  I will meet students from elementary through high school ages and spend one evening with a host family.

I am looking for suggestions on what could make my visit interesting and/or beneficial for the Indian students I’ll meet.  What can I take them that represents North Carolina or the United States?  What can I do for them?  What can I give my host family to show my appreciation?

Please…. share your ideas!

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