Internet was Sporadic at Best

I know I said I was going to post to this blog page while traveling in India, and I really did try.  I was even successful on two or three occasions.  Yes, I carried an adapter.  Yes, all of the hotels we stayed in had internet capabilities.

Even though we had to pay for it, Mumbai had the best connectivity.  Too bad we were only there for a day; maybe I could have made more than one post.  Everyone was excited when we read that the hotel in Pune, where we were for seven days, had free internet.  Unfortunately, you had to find the “sweet spot’ in the hotel in order to stay connected.  My room was not it.  I tried the hallway, the lobby, and the restaurant.  I could get online for a few minutes  but would inevitably be kicked off.  Sorry, I made no updates from Pune.  Internet was not complimentary in Delhi, but I was able to post twice from there.

Anyway, I would like to let you know about my trip and will, over the next few dates add updates.

India 2 006


From left to right– Me and my roommate, Karen Kelley, in the lobby of the  Trident Nariman Point, Mumbai, with kumkuma placed on our foreheads.

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