Look at it as an Adventure

This morning, I came across this video: Ten Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On. It reminded me of many of the roads I’ve been on in my travels.

–the narrow and winding mountain roads with no guardrails in Mexico and several European countries that seem especially treacherous on a large tour bus

–roads that wash out in minutes during the rainy season in India

–the street that has a seventy-five degree incline and a stop sign at the peak of the hill, in Quincy, Florida

Let the adventures continue!

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1 Response to Look at it as an Adventure

  1. Hemangini says:

    This Video was rather fun to watch! I didn’t like how she couldn’t speak Ladakh clearly but well.. Thanks for sharing! Many people do visit the Zoji La Pas and it’s one of the most important roads for India! Not for the faint heart but Ladakh is truly beautiful, I hope you will visit it someday.

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